11 Things the Building On The Tradition Campaign Has Given Us

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Montreat: working hard to keep our roofs over your heads since 2011.

In July 2017, Montreat celebrated a successful capital campaign called Building On The Tradition. This campaign contributed countless improvements to Montreat and was funded by generous donors like you. Let’s take a look at just eleven of the things Building On The Tradition has given Montreat!

1. New Rooms in Assembly Inn

Aside from the fresh look, all the furniture, mattresses and box springs, draperies, duvet covers, shams, bed skirts, shower curtains, artwork, frames, ceramic tile, carpet, and ceiling tiles (36,500 of them) in the renovated Assembly Inn were made in America.

2. Updated Assembly Inn Dining Room

The Galax Dining Hall now is framed by artisan stained glass at its entrance. Once inside, you’ll be greeted by new lighting, new drapes, comfy chairs, and of course that delicious food (especially on Tuesdays…tacos anyone?).

3. A Lobby Worth Lounging In

The lobby of Assembly Inn saw a major facelift in 2014. In addition to new furniture in warm colors, new ceilings, fresh lighting, and beautiful chandeliers, the Inn is now equipped with wifi for all your online needs.

4. Windows on Windows on Windows

One of the most striking differences in both Assembly Inn and Anderson Auditorium are the new windows. These windows let us enjoy the beauty of Montreat’s landscape while working to better insulate our buildings.

5. Anderson Auditorium Audio/Visual

Updates to audio and visual equipment (currently underway) in the main auditorium will improve lighting and sound. Honorable mention goes to the new organ in the main auditorium as well!

6. Upper Anderson Theater

Upper Anderson Theater was completely renovated in the fall of 2014. This beautiful space now hosts groups throughout the year.

7. Anderson Auditorium Roof

The roof of Anderson was replaced in 2013, seriously limiting the number of people blurting out, “Is it raining?” in the middle of worship.

8. A Lot of Roofs, Actually

Assembly Inn, The Moore Center, Glen Rock Inn, Reynolds Lodge, Hickory Lodge, and Lookout Lodge all now have new roofs. We’re really doing our best to keep you people dry.

9. Reynolds & Hickory

Reynolds has been outfitted with a new HVAC system. Hickory boasts a new kitchen (pictured above), new windows (a very popular thing to replace around here), and new beds.

10. Morgan Youth Scholarship Fund

This generous endowment includes over one million dollars for youth scholarships.

11. A Stronger Montreat Fund

The Montreat Fund supports almost 12% of the operating budget. As part of the campaign, a stronger Montreat Fund means stronger programming for all!

There is always more to do around Montreat. Because of the Montreat Fund, we can continue to update (and repair) things as needed.

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