2017 Year in Review

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As the new year approaches, it’s nice to look back and remember what the previous year held. For Montreat, 2017 held new programs, fresh iterations of traditions, and so much more. Here are a few of the things we loved about 2017!

College Conference 2017 at Montreat

Every year College Conference at Montreat is an exciting four days. It’s energizing to start the year with such a large gathering of young people.

Check out this write-up by the Presbyterian News Service about the opening night of College Conference at Montreat 2017 and see photos here!

Feb Ski

Feb Ski 2017 was a blast for everyone who participated! Check out the photos from the weekend and watch this video made up of footage from 2017.


We had a great men’s retreat weekend in April of 2017 with workshops and time to build community. Check out the photos from that weekend!

Summer Worship

Our summer worship series is always full of great messages from renowned guest preachers. You can actually listen to full sermons from our 2017 worship series here.

Summer worship series is no easy feat. Planning for each Sunday is an involved process which you can read about here.

Montreat Youth Conferences

If you haven’t yet, you should tune into the #MYC17 Behind the Scenes interview series for jokes, fun facts, and some seriously helpful advice from our leadership last summer. Montreat Youth Conferences are so fun every year, it’s hard not to wish you were there even as an adult! Of course, you can live vicariously through the photos from all six weeks on our Flickr.

Middle School Conference

Middle School Conference is another summertime activity that makes adults a little envious they’re not youth again! See the fun in this wrap-up video from 2017 and be sure to check out the photos.

Worship & Music

Every year we work with our friends at the Presbyterian Association of Musicians to offer two Worship and Music Conferences. Each week is full of worship and music for professionals, musicians, clergy, laypersons, choirs, youth groups, and families!

Fourth of July

Our fourth of July celebration is, dare we say, legendary. It’s always packed with fun and families enjoying the parade and games. You can find photos of the festivities in 2017 here and a live stream of the parade here.

Building On The Tradition Celebration

One of the most exciting things that happened in 2017 was the end of our Building on The Tradition campaign. In July we celebrated the successful capital campaign which contributed many improvements to Montreat. You can see photos from the celebration with our donors here.

The Summer Bustle

Summer really is our busiest time of year, there’s more than we can sum up in a blog post. Check out our video from this summer to see what we mean!

Women’s Connection

Every year our Women’s Connection seems to grow, and we love that! In 2017 our keynote speaker was New York Times best-selling author Rachel Held Evans. You can find resources from the 2017 Women’s Connection here.

Fall Craft Week

Fall Craft Week is a relatively new program that is perfect for the artist in us all! It’s a week of focusing in on a new skill or perfecting one you’ve been working on for a while.

Radical Beauty

Radical Beauty was such an innovative for us here at Montreat. With non-traditional worship spaces and creative guest speakers, it was definitely a highlight of 2017. Check out photos here and our resource page here.

Wee Kirk

Did you know that 72% of PC(USA) congregations have less than 150 members? Wee Kirk is a conference for leaders of small churches and in 2017 we were happy to have Wee Kirk for just that reason!


Every year we love having families in Montreat for Thanksgiving and Christmas. This holiday season we were surprised with an early snow. What a beautiful way to close out 2017!

We’re thankful that you care about Montreat and we hope you’ll come see us in 2018! To support Montreat, click here. To see what’s on deck for 2018, click here

Oh, we also made this awesome video all about Montreat.