6 Radically Beautiful Things Happening Right Now

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What does it really mean to be, or to create something that is, radically beautiful? Can art change the world? We don’t totally know the answer to these questions, but we do know that art can change us. Art makes us human; it nourishes our souls and it challenges us to grow in our faith. There is beauty all around us, every day, sometimes we just need to find it. Check out these six things happening all over the country right now, and visit us in October for four full days of #RadicalBeauty.

1. This group of artists preserving Nina Simone’s childhood home

Mr. McIntyre, a man who previous to the artists’ purchase spent so many years trying to save the house, said of the new ownership: “This is really what we’ve been praying for. We wanted a place that, in the right hands, would become inspirational not only as a relic of the past but as a catalyst for right now.” Check out the NYT story here.

2. This musician making music for the world

Michael Franti and Sara Franti, co-founders of Do It For The Love, are working to make live concerts, by any artist, available to those who need the healing power of music. So far they have made 800 wishes for live music come true.

3. These artists helping students Unlearn Fear + Hate

A series of public art installations and performances are taking over the city of Lexington, KY with a very simple call to action: Unlearn Fear + Hate. The pair of artists responsible for its launch says of their project, “Everyone has something or someone they have learned to fear. We believe that everyone has the capacity to unlearn fear and prejudice. Our artwork gives people an opportunity to consider their fears and to commit to unlearning them.” Get involved the movement here.

4. This magazine telling us a better story

Founded by the same Gareth Higgins who founded the Wild Goose Festival, The Porch magazine is a community trying to hear a better story. Through storytelling, they’re offering a diverse set of perspectives on what’s happening in our world, and how we too can seek out and tell a better story too. Read a free issue of the Porch here.

5. These arts initiatives for veterans

In Charleston, SC, Bridging Between gives voice and forum to veterans and their families through the lens of literature. It gives participants the opportunity to discuss poetry and prose related to war and to memorialize their own perspectives and experiences through writing.

Adam Driver, from Star Wars: Episode VII, co-founded Arts in the Armed Forces, a non-profit that empowers and educates veterans and active-duty members of the armed forces through the performing arts.

6. These Instapoets bringing healing words to social media

Rupi Kaur, Lang Leav, and Tyler Knott Gregson are three very real, very successful poets who have popularized the beautiful and often healing power of their poetry through Instagram. Consumable on such popular platform, they have brought poetry to younger and broader audiences than it has traditionally reached.

Know someone cultivating something radically beautiful in your world? Let us know on social media! Tell your favorite story of radical beauty with the hashtag #radicalbeauty & we just might share it!