Authentic Parents Retreat

Because every family is a work in progress and God is in the mess

A retreat for becoming more connected, relaxed, and faithful parents.

A Montreat Conference Center Event
February 8–10, 2019

This retreat is for parents with kids of all ages (it’s never too early). However, the workshops will primarily focus on families who have elementary, middle, and high school aged kids. It is also a retreat for church professionals looking to gain insight into parenting topics, parents, and parenting resources.

We hope this is the start of some honest, deep, and renewing conversations. Our leadership will be the first to tell you that there is no such thing as the perfect parent. We all have things to learn from each other. While we feel our leadership has particular gifts to share, we hope you will also be renewed through your time in Montreat away from your kids, talking with other parents around meals, and spending time in worship.

We also hope to send you away with resources and practices that matter to you and your families. While it’s great to get away for a weekend, we know the real work of parenting comes in the day in and day out routines we build into our family life.

This is intentionally a child-free weekend so parents can truly retreat, spend time together, and reflect on their parenting. We are encouraging parents and churches to plan ahead in order to get child care covered. Perhaps local friends or family members can help, or out-of-town family members can plan a visit around this weekend. Some churches are inviting older members to care for children and youth for the weekend while parents attend the retreat. There will be no child care or children’s programming provided in Montreat. We have worked hard to keep the retreat affordable, knowing there may be other retreat-associated costs for parents.


Event Leadership

Christopher and Colleen Edmonston – Keynote Speakers

Christopher Edmonston and Colleen Camaione-Edmonston met in college when they used to be athletes. 23 years of marriage later, they are the parents of three children (16,14, and 11). They have learned that family life is a full contact sport filled with the highest highs which love can provide. From newborns crying at 3AM to watching their son drive his brother to school and his sister to soccer practice, they have survived all their mistakes to date (praise the Lord!) Like all parents, they have learned more from these mistakes with parenting than they ever learned from any book. Christopher is the Pastor of White Memorial Presbyterian Church in Raleigh, NC. Colleen teaches 7th grade grammar and literature at St. Timothy's School, also in Raleigh.

Please visit www.authenticparents.org/workshops for more information about our workshop leaders.

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