Board of Pensions Seminars

Open to active and retired plan members of the Board of Pensions, as well as their spouses and survivors

Hosted by Montreat Conference Center
August 19–23, 2019

Managing your finances and planning for your retirement are lifelong processes. As you go through the stages of your life, financial adjustments may be necessary. However, if you understand the basic principles, including budgeting, investing, certain tax laws, and even the costs associated with healthcare, you can create a strong, flexible blueprint for success.

Board University seminars are presented in-person by our educators, who have expertise in financial planning, as well as our retirement planning consultants. These seminars are open to active and retired plan members, as well as their spouses and survivors, free of charge. They provide guidance that can help you maximize your benefits and develop sound spending, saving, and investment strategies.

Stay tuned for more details!

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