Clubs and Child Care

Summer Day Camp Program

June 7–August 6, 2021Youth
A Montreat Conference Center Program
For additional details, please refer to our Clubs COVID FAQ listed in the tabs below. Responses to frequently asked questions will be listed here.
Clubs Schedule Downloads
June 7–11
June 14–18
June 21–25
June 28–July 2
July 5–9
July 12–16
July 19–23
July 26–30
August 2–6

Clubs Program

The Clubs program is a recreation and fellowship experience for the children of conferees, local residents, vacationers, and visitors. It groups children and youth according to age and school level. Collegiate counselors supervise each group. They are trained to help young people feel comfortable as they create new interpersonal relationships and develop social and outdoor living skills. The program also makes effective use of Montreat’s recreational facilities set in beautiful outdoor surroundings. Events are planned with each group’s age and interests in mind.


A typical week in Clubs (4 year olds to senior highs) consists of swimming, paddle-boating, music, water games, devotions, arts and crafts, and wilderness education. Preschool-aged groups (“PreClubs”) will additionally have playground time, snack time, dress up games, as well as a designated nap/rest time. School-aged groups will play lots of active outdoor games (such as scavenger hunts, tag, and other high-energy creative games) and indoor games (such as pool and table tennis), as well as participate in music, dancing, tennis (bring non-marking tennis shoes), hikes, and rock-hopping (bring old closed-toe shoes). YOUR CHILD WILL GET MESSY! Please make sure they dress appropriately!

Daytime Child Care

Daytime child care for younger children is also available (ages six months through three years). The service is primarily for children of registered conferees and operates on the same schedule as the Clubs program. A typical day consists of centers, group time, devotions, snack, and outside play in the morning, plus nap time, snack, and outside play in the afternoon.

Evening Child Care

Evening child care is available to children of conferees who are six months old through completed second grade. Registration for daytime child care does NOT automatically enroll you in evening care. There is an additional cost for this program. Conferees must register their children for the entire conference week (exception: only Worship & Music conferees may register on a nightly basis). Please make sure to select “evening care” when you pre-register your child for daytime Clubs or child care. You may also register for evening care at on-site registration when you arrive in Montreat (see the schedule block for on-site registration hours and locations).

Program Info

Medical Form & Immunization Records

For all ages, we will be asking about medical information and immunizations. There is no separate form, but you will need to input the information before you can register. If you entered information in the past 2 summers, most will pre-fill for you. Please double check and change information as needed.

Food Allergies

As we have witnessed increasing numbers and varieties of food allergies in children, the Clubs and Child Care program at Montreat has fielded growing numbers of questions from parents and grandparents about the use of food in our program. Our experience has taught us that the needs of individual children vary depending on which foods cause reactions and the severity of those reactions, so we always encourage individual communication about the specific needs of your child or grandchild. The Clubs and Food document will attempt to answer some of your initial questions about the Clubs Program and food.

Permission to Photograph

Periodically, Montreat Conference Center will have photographers or videographers on campus to capture the Montreat experience. By enrolling your child(ren) in the Montreat Conference Center Clubs and Child Care program, you acknowledge your child may be photographed or videotaped for publicity purposes.

Contact the Registrar

Questions about our program? Please contact the Clubs Registrar at clubsreg@montreat.org or call 828.419.9837.

2021 Session Dates

  • Session 1 – June 7–11
  • Session 2 – June 14–18
  • Session 3 – June 21–25
  • Session 4 – June 28–July 2
  • Session 5 – July 5–9
  • Session 6 – July 12–16
  • Session 7 – July 19–23
  • Session 8 – July 26–30
  • Session 9 – August 2–6
Campout Dates for 2021

Senior Highs: July 13–15
Junior Highs: July 20–22
Juniors: July 27–29

To attend a 3-day campout, your child should be registered for the entire week of Clubs in advance. We reserve the right to limit the number of participants if safety requires it. Download a Sample 3-Day Personal Gear List. More detailed information will be provided at the MANDATORY Parent Meeting on the Monday prior to the campout.

When a club group is scheduled for one of these trips, the next youngest Clubs groups is always ready to accept those who cannot or do not wish to participate for any reason.

Fourth of July Parade

We will celebrate the Fourth of July on Saturday, July 3. To walk in the parade your child must register and attend at least 2 days of Clubs (Thursday and Friday) during Session 4 (June 28–July 2).

Age Groups

Limits listed may be different according to local regulations.

  • Child Care – Born after Aug 31, 2017 and at least 6 months old (LIMIT 40)
  • PreClubs Red – Born between Sept 1, 2016 and Aug 31, 2017 (LIMIT 26)
  • PreClubs Blue – Born between Sept 1, 2015 and Aug 31, 2016 (LIMIT 30)
  • Kindies – Completed Kindergarten and entering 1st grade (LIMIT 40)
  • Peanut Butters – Completed 1st grade (LIMIT 30)
  • Jellies – Completed 2nd grade (LIMIT 30)
  • Primary Juniors – Completed 3rd and 4th grade (LIMIT 50)
  • Juniors 5th – Completed 5th grade (LIMIT 30)
  • Juniors 6th – Completed 6th grade (LIMIT 30)
  • Junior Highs – Completed 7th and 8th grade (LIMIT 45)
  • Senior Highs – Completed 9th thru 12th grade (LIMIT 45)

WE WILL NOT MOVE A CHILD INTO AN OLDER GROUP. However, a child may be moved into the next younger grade at the parent’s request to accommodate special needs or to be with a relative or friend.

Rates & Registration

Before May 1 After May 1
Childcare through PreClubs Blue $200/week $210/week
Kindies through Senior Highs $185/week $195/week

If you have not used our online system before, you will need to create an account using your email address. If you have registered online in the past, please use the same email address and password. You must have a valid credit card to complete your registration.

For all ages, we will be asking about medical information and immunizations. There is no separate form, but you will need to input the information before you can register. If you entered information in the past 2 summers, most will pre-fill for you. Please double check and change information as needed.

Early pre-registration is strongly advised and affords your best chance for admission to our program. All groups have limited capacities and fill up quickly. You may pre-register for full sessions only. If you wish to register on a daily basis, you must register on-site.

Pre-registration is required for all conferees. SPACE IS LIMITED. You must register at least 30 days in advance to guarantee enrollment in the program. Enrollment is not guaranteed for walk-in registrations.

Online registration is not available after 12:00 noon on Thursdays for the upcoming Clubs session. You must wait and register on-site either Sunday afternoon from 3:00-5:30 pm or Monday morning from 8:15-9:15 am in the lobby of Anderson Auditorium. There will be no Clubs registration the morning of July 3th.

Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel a registration please let us know as soon as possible. If you cancel on or after May 1, we will refund your charges minus a $35 per week administration fee. If you cancel less than 10 days prior to your session, no refund will be given. Please be aware that failing to cancel a session of Child Care, Pre-Clubs or Kindies may prevent another child from being able to register. No refunds will be given for days your child was absent, and we cannot allow children to make up days not used by attending during times when he/she is not registered.

Contact the Registrar

Questions about our program? Please contact the Clubs Registrar at clubsreg@montreat.org or call 828.419.9837.


Morning Session: 8:30 AM – 12:00 Noon
Afternoon Session: 2:00 PM – 4:30 PM

Montreat Conference Center does not provide any Clubs/Child Care between noon and 2:00 PM. However, extended hours may be provided to conference participants (see conference schedule for details).

Download a sample schedule

Clubs schedules are also available each week at Anderson Auditorium, Assembly Inn, the Barn, and the Bill Wilde Youth Center.

On-Site Registration Hours

3:00-5:30 pm, Anderson Auditorium

8:15-9:15 am, Anderson Auditorium
9:30 am-4:30 pm, Freeland Hall (3rd Floor) in the Program Office


Will masks be required indoors and outdoors? For the safety of everyone, we will require staff and children (as appropriate) to wear masks when participating in Clubs and childcare indoors. The regulations and guidance continue to tell us that everyone 5 years or older should wear a mask when indoors with others who aren't from the same household and when in large crowds outside. Masks are not recommended for children under the age of 2. We are considering the masking regulations for children from ages 2-5 and will continue to seek guidance from health experts. We are strongly encouraging children in Pre-Clubs Red to try to wear masks, and Pre-Clubs Blue to wear them unless the parent talks to the P-Clubs Blue supervisor.

Will Montreat staff and Clubs/Childcare participants be screened and/or tested? Yes. Montreat Summer Staff working in Clubs & childcare are 100% vaccinated, and overall, 99% of our staff are vaccinated. In advance of their arrival and during their time in Montreat, we ask that everyone monitor symptoms and be aware of possible exposures to Covid-19. There are a number of Covid-19 Symptom Checkers we suggest parents check out. This is the CDC version.

What COVID-related safety measures are being taken for children enrolled in Clubs and childcare? We take the health and well-being of Clubs and childcare participants and counselors seriously. To that end, we ask that you not bring your child(ren) to our programs if they are not feeling well. All Clubs groups, as well as Updike childcare, are utilizing the daily COVID checker when children are dropped off for the day. If your child becomes ill, they must be free of symptoms, fever, and medication, and must provide a negative COVID test before returning to Clubs or childcare. In the event we learn that a child enrolled in our program tests positive for COVID, parents/guardians will be notified via email through Camp Brain that a possible exposure has occurred.

How large will Clubs and Childcare groups be? It will vary. In a typical summer, we have fewer attendees in the first three weeks and the last week of programming. The weeks around the 4th of July usually have the highest attendance and several of the Clubs & Childcare groups are full and taking a waiting list. Current guidance from North Carolina allows for gatherings of 50 people in well-ventilated buildings. While we hope that conditions will allow for a safe increase in the indoor limit, we will not count on it and will plan for lower capacities in groups. In addition, we will be emphasizing outdoor activities over indoor ones. In addition, we will be emphasizing outdoor activities over indoor ones. The capacities listed on our website are for a typical, non-pandemic summer.

Are there any games or activities that aren't possible this summer?
Most games and activities can be played as normal or modified to allow for greater distancing and limited sharing of materials. We will continually evaluate the safety of games and activities as we plan and throughout the summer.