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Between Nothing and Everything: The Gospel of Love according to Julian of Norwich

This event’s theme is “Between Nothing and Everything: The Gospel of Love according to Julian of Norwich.” Spiritual formation courses fulfill the requirements to complete the Certificate in Spiritual Formation and are also open to anyone who is interested in taking classes as an occasional participant.

A Columbia Theological Seminary Spiritual Formation Program
April 16–19, 2020

G. K. Chesterton once commented that the saint each age most needs is the one who contradicts it most faithfully. Julian of Norwich was such a saint. An “anchoress” who lived beside a small parish church in the city of Norwich, England, at the turn of the 15th century, she received sixteen “showings” as a middle-aged woman, and spent the rest of her life meditating on them. She eventually produced a book at once wise and accessible, expanding these “visions of love” through a commentary in which she shares her radical discoveries about love, divine and human. While this might sound simple, what Julian offers is a remarkable vision of the immensity of divine generosity, and the radical call of compassion it places on us. Hers is a vision rooted in the apostle Paul’s conviction that nothing can separate us from divine love, and in Jesus’ radical notion that everything finds a place in God’s keeping.

The schedule includes two sessions each day with the instructor, morning and evening prayers, small group conversations and free time to enjoy the beauty of Montreat Conference Center.

This course is open to everyone. Credit towards the Certificate in Spiritual Formation (CSF) will be given those who complete the pre-and post-course assignments. If you have any questions, please contact lifelonglearning@ctsnet.edu.

Event Leadership

Mark S. Burrows – Course Leader

Mark S. Burrows is a poet and scholar of historical theology, with an interest in mysticism and poetics; he is also an award-winning translator of German literature. A longtime resident of New England, he currently lives between Bochum, Germany, where he teaches religion and literature at the Protestant University of Applied Sciences, and Camden, Maine. His recent publications include Meister Eckhart’s Book of the Heart. Meditations for the Restless Soul, with Jon M. Sweeney (2017) and The Chance of Home: Poems (2018); his Meister Eckhart’s Book of Secrets: Meditations on Letting Go and Finding True Freedom, also with Jon M. Sweeney, will appear in 2019.

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