MYC Montreat@Home 2021

June 6–October 29, 2021VirtualYouth

Last summer we offered an at-home curriculum year and have found that as recently as last week, some Back Home Leaders and other leaders of youth are still using this great resource. This year’s version is all new and even better. For those who can’t get to Montreat for whatever reason, you can still do Montreat@Home! Here’s what you will get:

  • The Small Group Leaders’ Manual – 9 sessions – 60 min each
  • The Recreation Leaders’ Manual – NEW! – 9 sessions – 60 min each; PLUS at least 3 special Back Home events for evenings
  • 5 Keynote Presentations – energizer, music, speaker – less than 60 min
  • 5 Worship services – presentations – less than 60 min

Each of these pieces can be used separately or together – in a special Covid-safe retreat, over the summer, for fall curriculum, or as a part of Youth Sunday. Youth Groups wanting to recreate the Montreat experience can follow the “traditional” Montreat formula for a day:

  • Energizers
  • Music
  • Keynote
  • Small Group
  • Recreation
  • Worship
  • Back Home gathering
  • OR – any mix of this.

Registration will open March 15 with pricing according to church size. Note: access to Montreat@Home material will be available July 1. Will will be communicating with you prior to the release date with information about what you might need to facilitate Montreat@Home  (think projector screens, colored pencils, paper, etc.)

0 – 100 members $200
101-500 members $600
501-1000 members $900
1001+ members $1200