2023 Montreat Youth Conferences

June 4–August 5, 2023SummerYouth
A Montreat Conference Center program

2023 Dates

Week 1 June 4–10
Week 2 June 11–17
Week 3 July 9–15
Week 4 July 16–22
Week 5 July 23–29
Week 6 July 30–August 5

Youth leave Montreat knowing that:

Their faith matters.
They are loved as they are.
They are part of a community of faith.


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What Is MYC?

Worship & Keynote

Worship and keynote engage youth in the theme and challenge all in attendance to faith exploration and growth. Using scripture, Reformed theology, and song, youth are affirmed and united as children of God. During keynote, everyone gathers for group building, announcements, and song. During worship, youth hear the Word of God proclaimed in word, song, and action.

Small Group

Small group is a place where youth can share their journey of faith with peers through respectful conversations. Small group sessions are led by trained adult leaders who facilitate honest discussions about the themes presented in keynote and worship. It is an important time where youth can dive deeper into the conference theme, while forming bonds and making dear friends with youth outside of their congregation.


We engage youth physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in events that build up the Christian community while having fun! We believe that people who can play together can pray together; people who can sing together can talk together; and people who can dance together can walk together.

Back Home Time

Back Home Groups are the people you come with to Montreat. Each evening groups gather together to connect through prayer and conversation. Our hope is that experiences in keynote, worship, small groups, and recreation will provide all the content youth need to have some meaningful conversations with their back home group. Materials are provided to help adult leaders debrief the amazing events and emotions of each day with their youth.


We are all invited to participate in God's mission in the world by serving our neighbors.  In addition to collecting offerings on behalf of different mission partners each week, Montreat Conference Center builds mission opportunities into the weekly programming with opportunities are as varied as packaging meals for food insecure communities to educational opportunities to bring change to your home communities. Montreat also partners with local organizations for optional add-on mission programming for groups attending the Montreat Youth Conferences. For more information about those opportunities, please visit the Ways to Participate menu.

Ways to Participate

Montreat Youth Conference is for graduated 8th grade to graduated 12th grade young people and their leaders. Participation in MYC includes access to Keynote and Worship, Conference Recreation,—like late-evening energizer parties, scavenger hunts, and other activities—and Small Groups where you’ll unpack the message of the day and build bonds with other Youth and with God.

Opportunities for Youth

Jeremiah Project (JP) is a special small group for graduated 10th to graduated 12th graders who have an interest in worship leadership and a hunger to explore God’s call on their lives. There is an application to participate. More information will be provided to Back Home Leaders at a later date.

Opportunities for Group Leaders

Small Group Leaders (SGL) Small Group Leaders provide critical guidance for the heart of the Youth and Middle School Conferences by leading small groups.

Back Home Leaders (BHL) are the people that bring youth to Montreat. They often help plan the trip, serve as chaperones while the group is onsite, and guide evening discussions and debriefs in the Back Home Groups.

Chaperones are important to the MYC experience. Chaperones act as drivers, cooks, and covenant protectors. We recommend 1 registered adult per every six (6) youth that attend.

Recreation Crew (formerly Work Crew) is for college-aged young adults who wish to assist the Planning Team behind the scenes in recreation events. In addition to assisting our Recreation Leaders, these full conference participants will be led by a knowledgeable leader who will help them learn about the theology of play as they support this cornerstone of youth conferences. Recreation Crew participants are part of their church groups and are housed along with them. They have their own duties, devotions, and discussions during each day, led by the Recreation Crew Leader.

Please note: This offering is not available during Week 6.

Other Opportunities

MYC wouldn’t be able to exist without the important work done by our wonderful volunteers. As such, there are always opportunities to participate in MYC in support and planning roles! You can register to be a part of a Planning Team or become a Small Group Leader to lead our young people in discussion. For all opportunities, visit montreat.org/get-involved.

Montreat Mission Experience
Montreat Conference Center partners with Asheville Youth Mission (AYM) to provide optional add-on mission programming for groups attending the Montreat Youth Conferences. These options include a day-long program on Sunday or a Wednesday afternoon mission project. AYM will lead your group in work and recreation at a service site in the Black Mountain/Asheville area on either Sunday for the full day or Wednesday for an afternoon mission project. You can learn more about Asheville Youth Mission at youthmissionco.org/asheville-youth-mission. You will receive additional participation details in your Youth Conference confirmation email.


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First Youth Conference?

Is this your first time bringing a group to Montreat? Contact Susie Burns to walk you through the process at 828.419.9814 or email her at susieb@montreat.org.

Registration FAQ

We want you to be as informed as possible before you register! We've created a page with a lot of information pertaining to registration, conference participation, and cost. We highly encourage you to read it before filling out the registration form. It should answer a lot of your questions.

Back Home Leader Information

Back Home Leaders are super important to the Montreat Experience! The link at the button below will provide you with resources and the necessary information to help your youth conference experience be a success.

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