2021 Montreat Youth Conference

June 6–August 7, 2021Youth
A Montreat Conference Center program.
Week 1 June 6–12
Week 2 June 13–19
Week 3 July 11–17
Week 4 July 18–24
Week 5 July 25–31
Week 6 August 1–7

A Montreat Youth Conference affirms youth in their calling to be and to shape the church of Jesus Christ.
Our desire is to help youth come to know and believe that they are the beloved of God and to be a place where authenticity, community, connection, and God’s truth thrive. We seek to be an inclusive space where each voice can be heard and where each heart can be molded; where change is invited, challenge is expected, and where all are embraced.

Youth leave Montreat knowing that:

Their faith matters.
They are loved as they are.
They are part of a community of faith.

Worship & Keynote

Worship and keynote engage youth in the theme and challenge all in attendance to faith exploration and growth. Using scripture, Reformed theology, and song, youth are affirmed and united as children of God. During keynote, everyone gathers for group building, announcements, and song. During worship, youth hear the Word of God proclaimed in word, song, and action.

Small Group

Small group is a place where youth can share their journey of faith with peers through respectful and empathetic conversations. Small group sessions are led by trained adult leaders who facilitate honest discussions about the themes presented in keynote and worship. It is an important time where youth can dive deeper into the conference theme, while forming bonds and making dear friends with youth outside of their congregation.


We engage youth physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in events that build up the Christian community and communion while having fun! We believe that people who can play together can pray together; people who can sing together can talk together; and people who can dance together can walk together.

Back Home Time

Evenings with back home groups are a time for youth and adult leaders to spend together in discussion, prayer, and preparation for the next day of the conference. Our hope is that experiences in keynote, worship, small groups, and recreation will provide all the content youth need to have some meaningful conversations with their back home group. Materials are provided to help adult leaders debrief the amazing events and emotions of each day with their youth.

Ways to Participate


MYC is for the youth! This conference is a place to build meaningful connections with peers and grow closer to God.

Back Home Leader

Back Home Leaders are vital contributors to MYC. They provide guidance and leadership for their youth group and help facilitate conversations and questions that may arise.

Work Crew

Work crew is comprised of college students wanting to help behind the scenes to make Youth Conference possible.

Small Group Leaders

Are you a 21+ person that enjoys facilitating conversations and leading groups of youth as they process keynote and worship themes? Visit montreat.org/sgl.

Planning Team

Youth and adults can be a part of planning team and help put together the Youth Conference! Want to learn more? Check out montreat.org/planning-team.

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