8 Habits of Evangelism

November 1–3, 2021AdultContinuing EducationVirtualWorship
Program in partnership with Theology, Formation & Evangelism ministries in the Presbyterian Mission Agency

The REvangelism Conference is designed to take you on a deeper journey into faith: into the lives of others, into justice, hope, and the wonder of God. Together we will practice habits of Evangelism that will engage us in the gospel of good news — God’s justice and reconciliation for the world.

At REvangelism you will interact with the wise, diverse voices in the church who contributed to the 8-Habits of Evangelism resource. As you work through each habit together, you will experience the goodness and richness of Christ’s body and the Holy Spirit transforming you, and the world around you.


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Rates & Registration

Full Conference Rate

Scholarship Fee Regular Fee
Individual Registration $70 per person $100 per person
Two or More Registrations per Group $60 per person $100 per person

There are a limited number of subsidized registrations for the first 200 registrants (made possible by the Theology, Formation and Evangelism office of the Presbyterian Mission Agency) of $70 for individual registrations, and $60 per person for each subsequent registration for groups of two or more.

Note: The resource portal for this conference will be emailed to all registered participants approximately one week before the conference.

More Information

For more information, please contact the registrar at barrye@montreat.org or 828.419.9815.