Kanuga Watermedia Workshops at Montreat

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March 27–April 1, 2022Special Events

Assembly Inn and William Black Lodge housing is full.

Montreat Lodge housing is available. Email Meghann Miller Williams (watermediaworkshops@protonmail.com) with the subject line “Lodge for Watermedia Workshops” for information or to book.

Other housing options are in the tab section below

We are so excited to host you at the 2022 Kanuga Watermedia Workshops at Montreat Conference Center.

This is our first time to host this event and you might not be familiar with Montreat Conference Center, so let us introduce ourselves.

Montreat is located in a 4,000 acre cove of the Blue Ridge Mountains, with relatively mild, but varying weather. Casual, informal clothing for a range of weather conditions is suggested. Don’t forget an umbrella, sweater, or your comfortable walking shoes! Since we are in the mountains, our campus is hilly with plenty of stairs.

We share these mountains with all of God’s creation, from black bears to critters in the creek. In order to be as respectful of our environment as possible we ask visitors to not leave any food, including trash, out to attract bears – please dispose of your trash and recycling in a green bear bin.

Our facilities seek to incorporate the natural, simplistic beauty of Montreat into their experience, and for that reason they are modest with an emphasis on comfort rather than modern amenities. Most guest rooms do not have televisions, mini-fridges, microwaves, coffee makers, shampoo/conditioner, or hair dryers. Most lodges do not have wifi and only some have air conditioning, but they do have updated common areas and kitchens. Not totally lost to the modern world, however, Assembly Inn is equipped with wifi, air conditioning, and a lobby with a TV, couches, chairs, and work spaces.

Montreat offers a number of accommodations, varying in their size, amenities, and accessibility. The following tabs include housing options available for you during this event.

Montreat Lodges

For those looking to stay as a group, Montreat offers several different rustic lodge options. These lodges have a mixture of private and shared baths and offer a kitchen, allowing you the option to cook your own meals. You can learn more about lodge offerings by going here: https://montreat.org/accommodations#lodges.

Interested in booking? Email Meghann Miller Williams (watermediaworkshops@protonmail.com) with the subject line “Lodge for Watermedia Workshops.”

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