Wee Kirk Conference 2022

Bearing Much Fruit

October 17–19, 2022AdultContinuing EducationWorship

The Wee Kirk conference aspires to provide Christ-centered opportunities for inspiration, encouragement, and community among leaders of small membership churches so they can do the same in their congregations and regions.

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Mission Track  |  The Small Church on the Move

“Here is the Church and here is the steeple; open the doors…Where are all the people?”

This little children’s rhyme doesn’t quite have the meaning it used to have. When the church doors open at 11:00 on Sunday morning, fewer and fewer people are showing up. So, where are they and what are they doing? This missional track will explore the movement of the church outside her doors and into the community of 1001 Worshipping Communities. Through this ministry of the Presbyterian Mission Agency, God is opening doors to expand the reach of the Gospel in beautiful, creative and unconventional ways. We invite you to come and explore how you can engage in the ministry of establishing new worshipping communities. Lets go and find the people!

Leadership Track  |  Awakening Spiritual Imagination: Discovering God's Fresh Possibilities For Your Congregation

God’s call on the life and witness of churches never stands still. Many smaller congregations don’t realize what embers of faith that they carry, embers with great potential for the future. This track is designed for pastors of smaller churches to help fan those embers into flames, to claim God’s hope (vision) and learn more about living into it. These are the tasks involved in “awakening spiritual imagination.”

Spiritual Formation Track

According to the Westminster Catechism, our main goal in life is to "glorify God and enjoy God forever." The gospel writers call us to "seek first the kingdom of God and God's righteousness" and then everything else will fall into place. In the midst of all the activities and chaos of life, this goal cannot happen for disciples of Jesus Christ without intention and a plan.

How can I shape the rhythms of my life in order to know and love God intimately and grow into all God has created me to be?

This year, the Spiritual Formation track will explore Creating a Rule of Life: Building a Trellis for Abundant and Fruitful Living. The understanding of a "rule" for life comes from the Greek; "A Rule of Life is a trellis that helps us abide in Christ and become more fruitful spiritually." We will explore ways to create a personal and intentional plan for daily, weekly, seasonal and annual practices to keep God at the center of our very being, our relationships and everything we do.

Rates & Registration

Conference Fees
First Time Attendees
Congregation Size Per Person Cost Couple Cost
Fewer than 100 $180* $210*
More than 100 $380* ---
Return Attendees
Congregation Size Per Person Cost Couple Cost
Less than 50 $200* $240*
50–100 $230* $285*
More than 100 $380* ---

*A maximum of 6 persons, including clergy and spouse, from any one congregation may attend at the reduced rates. Additional persons will pay $380 each.

*The Spiritual Formation track is an additional $100 per couple or $50 for an individual if you choose to begin your stay at the Inn on Sunday night. You will also receive meals for breakfast and lunch on Monday. Dinner on Sunday is not included with this option.

Barnabas Track Additional Fees

The Barnabas Track has an additional fee on top of the main conference registration fee:

First Time Attendee No additional fee.
Repeat Attendee Above fee + $50
Repeat Couple Attendee Above fee + $75
Cancellation Policy

Cancellations may be made at any time prior to the conference. Full refunds will be issued for cancellations received by September 18, 2021.  After that, 50% refunds will be issued if cancellation is made before October 14, 2021.  If this event is cancelled due to Covid-19, all money paid will be refunded in full.


Questions about registration? Email the registrar, Susan Akduman, at susana@montreat.org or call 828.419.9829.

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