Welcome to the Montreat Conference Center guest group portal! Here you will find all the resources your group needs before your event in Montreat. Below are various requests forms, helpful page links, and information about childcare. We look forward to hosting your group!

Before Your Event

The following forms must be filled out 30 days before your event so we can properly prepare for your group. If the forms are not completed, we may not be able to accommodate your setup/break requests. Once completed, you will receive a copy of your requests via email. If you need to review floorplans, AV capabilities, etc. of the rooms you’ve reserved, please refer to the “Helpful Page” section below.

Meeting Space Setup Requests: For this form, you will need to know how you’d like each space you’ve reserved set-up for your event/meeting(s). This includes audio-visual equipment needs.

Refreshment Break Setup Requests: For this form, you will need to know what refreshment breaks you’d like and when you’d like them to be set up. This includes both standard coffee breaks and breaks with refreshments.

Dietary Restriction Consideration Requests: For this form, you will need to know any special dietary restrictions your guests need to communicate with the kitchen. For more information on the Galax Dining room’s regular offerings please visit the Dining page.

If you have any questions about these forms, please contact Betsy Clover, director for events, at betsyc@montreat.org or call 828.419.9815.

Helpful Pages

  1. Meeting Room Floorplans
  2. Lodge Floorplans
  3. Recreation in Montreat
  4. The Montreat Wilderness
  5. Map of Montreat
  6. Trail Map
  7. Rules and Regulations at Montreat

Child Care for Retreat Groups

Infants, toddlers, and pre-schoolers:

Montreat Conference Center can support retreat groups by offering weekend child care for children 6 months to 5 years. All childcare provided is in accord with our Juvenile Protection Policy, which requires at least two unrelated caregivers at all times. All childcare is provided in a Montreat Conference Center meeting space; we do not provide care in other institutions’ spaces or in private rooms. Your group will be billed for child care based on the number of hours and caregivers required, with a minimum charge of $500. Our child care coordinator will be able to provide you with an estimate of total cost.

Elementary-age and above:

Montreat Wilderness School, available for 3rd grade and up

Montreat Conference Center also offers Wilderness School programming for children in 3rd grade and up. This programming is billed to the retreat group and can be arranged by contacting our wilderness Coordinator, Jason Nanz, directly at jasonn@montreat.org. Like our child care offerings, the Wilderness School operates in accord with our Juvenile Protection Policy.