Mike Morse, Retiring VP for Hospitality and Facilities, Honored with Tribute Resolution

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Mike Morse

Mike Morse, retiring VP for Hospitality and Facilities

As Mike Morse, Vice President for Hospitality and Facilities, nears his retirement at the end of December, the entire Montreat community has joined in demonstrating deep appreciation for all he has contributed both personally and professionally for almost 14 years. On December 13, 2018, the Town of Montreat honored Mike with a Tribute Resolution, which you can read below.

From Tim Helms, Mayor of the Town of Montreat:

A Tribute Resolution of Heartfelt Appreciation

Whereas Mike Morse has served the Mountain Retreat Association with distinction since April 8, 2005;
Whereas Mike has demonstrated vision and leadership, faith, good humor, and an incredible work ethic, and proved to be a valuable contributor time and again to the MRA’s ministry and to community life in Montreat;
Whereas Mike has hosted hundreds of thousands of visitors, greeting friend and stranger alike with a heartfelt desire to provide the best possible example of Christian hospitality;
Whereas Mike has invested his expertise, energy, and heart in so many employees, colleagues, volunteers, and friends in Montreat and beyond (his creation of a partnership with the Swannanoa Correctional Center for Women being just one example of Mike’s creative leadership leading to a new dimension of ministry here);
Whereas Mike’s stewardship of the MRA’s campus has helped to preserve Montreat’s beauty and environmental resources, and his leadership of the renovation of Montreat’s Assembly Inn in particular has generated resources to ensure the MRA’s future ministry;
And for many other reasons too numerous to list;
Be it resolved that the Town of Montreat honors and is grateful to Mike Morse for his tireless commitment and outstanding service to the Mountain Retreat Association, and expresses its sincere appreciation for all of the ways Mike has enhanced our community.