Mike Morse Set To Retire From Montreat Conference Center

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Richard DuBose, president of Montreat Conference Center, announced that Mike Morse would retire from his role as vice president of hospitality and facilities at the end of 2018. Morse has served in this role since 2005 and has overseen the most ambitious renovations to the conference center campus in many years.

“Mike came to Montreat when the conference center badly needed new ideas in hospitality and new vision for its campus and facilities,” said DuBose. “Mike’s leadership has been instrumental in making Montreat a far more welcoming, beautiful, and environmentally friendly place.”

A search for Morse’s replacement will begin in early spring.

Morse came to the conference center with 36 years of experience in the hotel management industry. He combined that experience with a heart for mission to launch several new initiatives in lodging and food services. Renovations and upgrades have been a large priority, including a $6.5 million renovation of the historic Assembly Inn, which led immediately to increases in guest satisfaction and occupancy rates.

The installation of new systems and practices has also saved the conference center hundreds of thousands of dollars through energy and water conservation. “The untold story on Mike,” said DuBose, “is that he may be the ‘greenest’ person in Montreat.”

“I feel honored to have been given the trust to handle the Assembly Inn and other projects,” says Morse. “It’s incredibly humbling to be a part of this ministry, with its history, and feel the gratitude others have for the work our team has done. People love this place. That’s something that I’ve tried to keep in the front of my mind.”

Morse looks forward to retiring with his wife, Debbie, to Bowling Green, KY, where he plans to play golf and spend time with family.