Middle School Edition

How does this work?

We’ve made Montreat@Home a balance of contemplation and creation. There are daily opportunities to listen and cultivate your faith as a community, even in the midst of social distancing.

Leaders will be given access to activities, guides, videos, and other resources that will equip them to lead an adjusted conference for their middle-school youth whenever they are able to gather together in whatever capacity they are able or allowed.

Montreat@Home is an experience that's suitable to a virtual format and customizable by youth leaders depending on local circumstances.

Activities Included:

  • The Endlessly Enough Small Group Manual, which will serve as your curriculum.
  • 3 videos and discussion questions to spark conversation as you move through the manual.
  • An Energizer Guide
  • A Games Guide
  • Montreat Sing-A-Longs
  • A variety of other bonus links, just for fun.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We appreciate your patience as we spearhead this new endeavor for us. Here are some questions we can answer about the program.