Montreat has launched an opportunity for young adults who are looking to gain professional skills while living and discerning in the mountains for eight to ten months. It’s a holistic experience where participants are working to support the mission of Montreat, connecting with fellow young adult participants, and discerning what the future may hold over an eight-to-ten-month term.

Check out what our the MYAE's of 2018/19 have said about their experience.

The application period for 2019-2020 opens April 8! You can find the application here. Three references are also required. You can find the the reference form here.

Applications are due by Monday, June 3.

  • Work Experience

    Participants in the Montreat Young Adult Experience will experience what it’s like to work across all departments at Montreat but will concentrate their time in our Sales, Marketing, and Communications department. Participants will focus in one of three areas: marketing (examples include web page creation and print project collaboration); IT and human resources (examples include new staff orientation support, liaison for contracted IT support and staff); and sales support (examples include retreat group support and working with our sales team). In addition to time working with sales and marketing, participants will have the opportunity to work with and shadow staff on our development, hospitality, and program teams. From providing hospitality to guests to preparing for conferences to working behind the scenes in the office, these young adults will be able to get valuable, hands-on professional experience while exploring a call to work in a church-related institution. Participants will also have the opportunity to focus in on a long-term project with a full-time staff member throughout their time in Montreat.

  • Connection

    Part of what makes this experience unique from other opportunities in Montreat is that participants will live and work together. Because of this, community-building will be an essential piece of their time together. Through structured and unstructured relationship-building, participants will be able to connect with other young adults in a similar stage of life.

  • Time

    Discernment can take many forms and the Montreat Young Adult Experience will take a flexible approach to this beautiful and unique process. Whether it’s the mentorship of a full-time staff member, or independent reflection, the Montreat Young Adult Experience will create space for young adult participants to explore what’s next for them. Of course, the mountains provide a beautiful setting for self-exploration and big ideas!

Frequently Asked Questions

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