On Hamilton And The Saint John’s Bible!

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By Ann Laird Jones, leader for “Illuminating the Text” course offered at the upcoming Columbia Theological Seminary Spiritual Formation Week in Montreat

February 9, 2017—The Broadway musical Hamilton (which I have only heard but never seen) catches you at every turn. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s lyrics, music, and choreography of space bring the story of Alexander Hamilton alive—a person whose face we have seen for years and years on every $10 bill we happen to come across, yet whose details have remained largely unknown—and in the process completely captures our imaginations. I have listened to the brilliant lyrics for twelve hours at a stretch, as I drive from state to state. Hamilton is a clear example of how the arts allow us to see text anew—an old text, an old story—brought to life as if for the first time. Read more…

Photo courtesy of Saint John’s University, Collegeville, Minnesota. 2014