(update 6/30/2021)

The Latest News
  • Trends in North Carolina are continuing to improve and community transmission in Western North Carolina is low. You can always see the latest data for North Carolina here.
  • With improving trends, many restrictions in North Carolina have eased. The outdoor mask mandate has been lifted along with mass gathering limits and social distancing requirements. Current restrictions in North Carolina are here.
  • Vaccine eligibility is open to everyone 12 and over.
  • In late April, the CDC released updated guidance about cleaning and disinfecting, given that the risk of infection from touching a surface is low. 
  • As we adapt our Youth Conference plans to the welcome changes in Auditorium capacity, we are still relying on encouraging vaccination, maximizing outdoor experiences and limiting each person’s close contacts as strategies for mitigating disease this summer. Learn more under “Program Adaptations” below.
  • We will consider Back Home Groups as family units who are living together in a household.

Program Updates

Every group is different: in size, in housing, in ratio of adults to youth. Yet every group will need some plans for how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within the group and a checklist for what to do if someone develops symptoms.

Download Pre-arrival Covid-19 Screening
Download Daily Covid-19 Screening
Before You Arrive
  1. Nationwide, all residents age 12 and up are eligible to be vaccinated. Vaccinated people who are exposed to COVID-19 do not have to isolate for 10 days following exposure
  2. Montreat will provide you with a pre-arrival symptom checker to be followed by EACH PERSON traveling with the group. This checker covers the 14 days prior to arrival. 
  3. Ask any unvaccinated participants in your group to stay home as much as possible during the 14 days prior to departure, get tested 5 days prior to departure, or both.
While You Are In Montreat

These requirements are laid out in North Carolina’s guidelines for overnight camps:

Back Home Leaders will be responsible for conducting a daily symptom screening of participants using this screening tool Montreat provides. Bring your own thermometer!

Back Home Leaders will be responsible for immediately isolating a sick participant from others in the group and arranging a COVID test. COVID-19 testing is readily available in Black Mountain.

If a participant has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or is presumed positive by a medical professional due to symptoms, the participant should be isolated until they meet the CDC criteria for release from isolation:

  • No fever for at least 24 hours since recovery (without the use of fever-reducing medicine) AND
  • Other symptoms have improved (e.g., coughing, shortness of breath) AND
  • At least 10 days have passed since the individual first had symptoms.

Obviously, the length of time required to achieve these criteria is longer than the conference itself. Back Home Leaders should have a plan for having parents come to pick up a participant who needs to be isolated or, if that's not possible, keeping that participant isolated from the rest of the group for the remainder of the trip.

Montreat will work with our local health department to identify close contacts of confirmed cases. Close contacts are defined by the CDC as someone who was within 6 feet of an infected person for at least 15 minutes starting from 2 days before illness onset (or, for asymptomatic clients, 2 days prior to positive specimen collection) until the time the patient is isolated.

Depending on your housing situation, there's a possibility that each unvaccinated person in your group would have to isolate if you have one positive case in your group, because each person would be a close contact of the infected person.

Many of our format changes are designed to reduce the number of close contacts any participant makes during the conference.

  • Recreation is decentralized and experienced in your small group (we'll call these times Connecting Groups to distinguish them from Small Group times).
  • In Keynote and Worship, Back Home Groups will sit together and distanced from other groups.
  • We will continue to model (and ask groups to model) indoor mask-wearing with the youth conference population, especially since our activities involve enthusiastic singing and cheering; at the same time, we know that vaccination rates for our remaining conferences are reported to be in the 60%+ range (thank you, leaders, for filling out our survey). We are committed to the principle that mask-wearing policies will not be a source of conflict between groups or individuals.
  • Small Groups will be formed to limit interaction with new people, will be completely outdoors, or both.

We will treat Back Home Groups as family units. Of course, we'll encourage family units/Back Home Groups to enjoy the outdoors as a group—hiking, rock hopping, and relaxing outdoors are activities this schedule will allow for and encourage.

Reminder: There are three ways to participate in the Montreat Youth Conferences this summer:

Join us on-site and have conferees participate in Small Groups, Connecting Groups, and evening events as well as keynote and worship.

DIY youth conference on-site but with your group doing Small Groups and Connecting Groups on their own under your church's leadership. These groups will join the rest of the conference for keynote and worship (see more info about this option below).

Montreat@Home for those groups who can't be on-site this summer: you can still experience the conference leadership, Small Group and recreational activities where you are.


Some Back Home Leaders might be interested in keeping their group apart from standard small groups, where conferees are placed with youth from other churches. You can choose to keep your Back Home group together for the Small Group and recreation times with the Back Home Leader serving as the Small Group Leader. Here are some things you may want to know as you contemplate this idea:

Yes, you're taking on some additional work! You might want to bring along an extra adult if you are able. We will refund the conference fee of the adult who is acting as the Small Group Leader for your group.

We will support you by inviting you to Small Group Leader training (all on Zoom and prior to arrival) and providing you with the same Small Group Bible study and recreation manuals in use by the rest of the conference.

We'll provide you with a bag of the appropriate supplies.

You would be responsible for your group as usual. We understand that you might not follow the schedule of the day with military precision, and you may decide by Thursday afternoon that your group really needs a hike instead of a game from the manual, but we ask that you not release your participants for free time on campus while other conferees are participating in conference activities.

We need you to let us know if you choose this option (by April 1 for MYC weeks 1–2, and by May 2 for weeks 3–6), and we need to count on you to remain in this category of participation once you've chosen it. Email cherylp@montreat.org if this is the option you want to select.

Shepherds - New Role For Adults In Small Group

We always rely on having a few adults in every Small Group. This year these adults will play the important role of Shepherds, walking with their group from the regular Small Group location to the daily Connecting Group location (or vice versa, depending on the schedule). Connecting Group locations may change day to day, so we'll make sure Shepherds know where they're headed. There will be a meeting of all adults (including Shepherds) who plan to attend Small Groups on Sunday evening at 6:30 PM in the Walkup Building.

Last year's high school seniors missed participating in their final Youth Conference as high school students. To make up for this, we are offering a small group for the HS Class of 2020. The Small Group Leader for this will have skills to help explore the conference theme and at the same time help participants share the affects of the pandemic on their lives.

As a part of final registrations with MyMontreat, Back Home Leaders will find a 2020 Small Group designation to register last year's seniors for this one time experience. (Or they may register for Work Crew instead.)

Last summer we offered an at-home curriculum year and have found that as recently as last week, some Back Home Leaders and other leaders of youth are still using this great resource.

This year's version is all new and will be even better. For those who can't get to Montreat for whatever reason, you can still do Montreat@Home! Here's what you will get:

  • The Small Group Leaders' Manual – 9 sessions – 60 min each
  • The Recreation Leaders' Manual – NEW! – 9 sessions – 60 min each; PLUS at least 3 special Back Home events for evenings
  • 5 Keynote Presentations – energizer, music, speaker – less than 60 min
  • 5 Worship services – presentations – less than 60 min

Each of these pieces can be used separately or together – in a special Covid-safe retreat, over the summer, for fall curriculum, or as a part of Youth Sunday. Youth Groups wanting to recreate the Montreat experience can follow the "traditional" Montreat formula for a day:

  • Energizers
  • Music
  • Keynote
  • Small Group
  • Recreation
  • Worship
  • Back Home gathering
  • OR – any mix of this.

Registration is open now with pricing according to church size:

0–100 members $200
101–500 members $600
501–1000 members $900
1001+ members $1200
Learn More About Montreat@Home


These new training times are (all times listed are eastern standard time) and will be open to on site SGLs, Back Home Leaders who are choosing to be the SGL for their own group, and leaders of Montreat@Home who want a training opportunity:

Youth Conference 3 & 4 Thursday, July 8 @ 6:30 pm by Zoom
Saturday, July 10 @ 10:00 am by Zoom
The Sunday my conference begins at 4:00 pm in person
Youth Conference 5 & 6 Thursday, July 22 @ 6:30 pm by Zoom
Saturday, July 24 @ 10:00 am by Zoom
The Sunday my conference begins at 4:00 pm in person

Small Group Leaders should plan to arrive in Montreat on Sunday, ready to meet at 4:00 pm.

Updates to the Variety Show

We are excited to be able to bring a Variety Show to you during our Youth Conferences this summer.

This year we’ll accept video submissions as well as live acts. (Video submissions need to be sent to us by the Thursday prior to your conference start date.) Please encourage your youth to submit an act, knowing that acts will be chosen using the following criteria:

  • Covenant is read, followed and signed by all participants.
  • YOU, as the adult advisor, have read the lyrics, viewed the entire submission and signed the Covenant
  • Submissions are no longer than 4 minutes
  • Per the covenant, lyrics, dress and movements are appropriate

Submissions are due by:

  • Week 3: July 8
  • Week 4: July 15
  • Week 5: July 22
  • Week 6: July 29

You must upload ALL 3 of these items to the link associated with your week at Montreat.

  • Covenant  |  File name format as follows:
  • Lyrics  |  Lyrics to any words that are either sung by your youth or on a track being used for a dance or other purpose. File name format as follows:
  • Video in .MP4 or .MOV format  |  File name format as follows:

Example Submission

If I, a Week 4 participant were submitting for Variety Show, the file names I would submit are as follows:

  • week4-FirstPCMontreat-Montreat-NC-VIDEO
  • week4-FirstPCMontreat-Montreat-NC-LYRICS
  • week4-FirstPCMontreat-Montreat-NC-COVENANT

Remember the following as you record:

  • stabilize the camera - with a tripod or by setting it on a surface to record
  • if using a cell phone - be sure to turn it landscape, not portrait

The links to view the Variety Show for each week will be available after you arrive at Montreat.

Variety Show Covenant
Variety Show Requirements

Covid Mitigation Plans

(What We Can Say Now)