Calling movers, shakers, and community-makers!

Montreat Conference Center is piloting an experience for young adults that will nurture community, explore meaning, and encourage young adults to ask questions that will influence their lives of faith for years to come.

Montreat will support ten to twelve small groups of young adults for a year, each group led by an initiator. The heart of each group will be the experience of exploring lives of meaning in community, but the ways they interact are limited only by the imaginations of the initiators – one group might gather around dinners; another group might gather around public service or community organizing; another group might cycle, run or hike.

We are looking for the initiators of these groups: enthusiastic self-starters who want to create for young adults in the place where they are.

Selected applicants will join a cohort of ten to twelve other "young adult initiators" and attend two retreat meetings in Montreat at no cost and will receive ongoing support throughout the year in order to:

  1. Gain skills in small group ministry.
  2. Make a plan to create small groups for young adults in their own context.
  3. Build relationships with others who are doing the same work.

We are hoping that the groups created will show a great amount of variety in context, interests, activities, and ways of being community.

We are now accepting applications for the next group of initiators, who will meet in Montreat February 11-14, 2020. The submission deadline is Friday, November 8.

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