Welcome to Montreat

The Montreat Store is open Monday–Friday, 10:00 am–6:00 pm and Saturday, 10:00 am–5:00 pm.

This Week in Montreat can be found online at montreat.org/twim.

This Summer in Montreat can be found online at montreat.org/tsim and in paper at Anderson Auditorium, the Montreat Store, and the Post Office.

Upcoming Events

All of our conferences and events can be found at montreat.org/events.

June 5–11Youth Conference – Week 1
June 6–Aug.5Summer Clubs & Childcare
June 12–18Youth Conference – Week 2
June 19–25Worship & Music – Week 1
June 26–July 2Worship & Music – Week 2
July 10–16Youth Conference – Week 3
July 17–23Youth Conference – Week 4
July 20–24Middle School Conference @ Maryville College
July 24–30Youth Conference – Week 5
July 31–Aug. 6Youth Conference – Week 6
Aug. 7–12Road Scholars
Aug. 12–14Women’s Connection
Aug. 14–19Road Scholars
Sept. 7–9From Shakespeare to the Inklings
Sept. 11–16Road Scholars
Sept. 18–23Road Scholars
Sept. 25–30Fall Craft Week
Sept. 25–30Road Scholars
Oct. 2–7Road Scholars
Oct. 3–7Thriving Congregations Cohort Event
Oct. 10–13Fraught & Flummoxed: Courage and Creativity for the Elevation of the Gospel
Oct. 16–21Road Scholars
Oct. 17–19Wee Kirk Conference
Oct. 19–21Healthy Congregations
Oct. 23–28Road Scholars
Oct. 25–27NC School of Earth and Soul with John Philip Newell
Oct. 30–Nov. 2Evangelism: Addressing Harm, Embracing Hope
Nov. 6–11Road Scholars
Jan 2–5, 2023College Conference