Welcome to Montreat

The Montreat Store is open Monday–Friday, 10:00 am–6:00 pm and Saturday, 10:00 am–5:00 pm.

All of our conferences and events can be found at montreat.org/events.

Nov 27–Dec 2, 2022Road Scholar
Jan 2–5College Conference
Jan 27–29The Manna Retreat
Jan 30–Feb 2Fraught and Flummoxed
Feb 26–Mar 3Road Scholar
Mar 5–10Road Scholar
Mar 19–24Road Scholar
Apr 10–13Discovering Renewal
Apr 13–16CTS Spiritual Formation
Apr 16–21Road Scholar
Apr 30–May 5Road Scholar
May 8–13Arts, Recreation, and Worship Conference
May 14–19Road Scholar
May 21–26Road Scholar
May 28–June 2Road Scholar
June 4–Aug 6Summer Worship Series
June 4–10Youth Conference, Week 1
June 11–17Youth Conference, Week 2
June 18–24Worship and Music, Week 1
June 25–July 1Worship and Music, Week 2
July 3–6PassportKids
July 9–15Youth Conference, Week 3
July 19–23Middle School Conference @ Maryville College
July 16–22Youth Conference, Week 4
July 23–29Youth Conference, Week 5
July 30–Aug 5Youth Conference, Week 6
Aug 6–11Road Scholar
Aug 11–13Women’s Connection
Aug 13–18Road Scholar
Aug 21–23Board of Pensions Wellbeing Retreat
Aug 24–25Board of Pensions Thrive
Aug 27–Sept 1Art of Transitional Ministry
Sept 6–8Summit Gathering
Sept 10–15Road Scholar