The Development Foundation Board (DFB) in an elected board whose purpose is to advance Montreat Conference Center’s endowment in order to sustain our mission, enhance programs, and ensure long-term financial stability. Specifically, the DFB works with the President, Chief Financial Officer, and Office of Development to solicit contributions for, inform investment of, and safeguard endowment funds.

The Development Foundation Board meets at least twice a year in Montreat. Members serve a three-year term and are eligible for subsequent terms. If you are a current member, access the document portal here.

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is a sub-group of the Development Foundation Board and is responsible for the investment of endowment funds, as well as other funds or assets entrusted to the DFB by the conference center.

To learn more about the DFB or the Investment Committee, contact Seth Hagler, Vice President for Development: 828.419.9803  |

Development Foundation Board Members

Class of 2023

Dan Boyd
Gastonia, NC

H. Boyd Brown
Ridgeway, SC

James G. Cohen*
Saint Petersburg, FL

Dan Dean
Montreat, NC

Katheryn "Kitty" Fouche
Montreat, NC

Keith Love*
Asheville, NC

William E. Scheu
Montreat, NC

Class of 2024

Julie Phelps Bacon
Charlotte, NC

Morrow Bailey
Knoxville, TN

Clarence W. Legerton, III* - Chair
Mount Pleasant, SC

Margo K. Smith
Montreat, NC

J. William Straughan, Jr.
Black Mountain, NC

Knox Walkup
Nashville, TN

Class of 2025

Rev. Bob Brearly
Columbia, SC

David Evans* - Vice Chair
Atlanta, GA

Julia Sibley Jones - Treasurer
Greenville, SC

W. Brinkley Melvin
Montreat, NC

Margaret Scheu
Montreat, NC

*Investment Committee Member