What Makes Montreat

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We asked lifelong Montreater Levi Bannerman, what is so special about Montreat? We know it’s hard to explain, it’s more than just a place, and can be many different things to as many different people. Here’s what Levi had to say about this place that has shaped him.

Montreat’s nature and programs challenge young people and adults alike to think outside convention. Time in Montreat allows for difficult conversations in a place set apart, to retreat from the world but not run away from it.

There’s a special connection that is formed between people when you spend quality time together at Montreat. I have made friends that I rely on the most thanks to the foundation we built together through our shared experiences in Montreat.

My family has a long history of coming to Montreat. What I’ve found though is that no matter when you start coming to Montreat, there’s something there for any member of the family. It’s an intergenerational gathering place for family and friends to come together and find common ground. Montreat has given me memories and experiences I will always cherish.

Through their time at Montreat, more people are finding their calling and their role in the church. They are encouraged to discern their ministry and then go out into the world, equipped to do the work of God.

Montreat encompasses so many parts of who I am, and the Montreat Fund makes these things possible. Please join me in supporting Montreat by April 30.

Levi Bannerman is the Director of High School Youth at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, NC.
He has worked on Montreat Summer Staff and is a graduate of Presbyterian College.