2019 Montreat Youth Conferences

Let Love Lead

Montreat Youth Conference is a unique gathering of young people from all over the country for a week of study, worship, and recreation.

A Montreat Conference Center Event
June 2–August 3, 2019

Week 1 – June 2-8 | Week 2 – June 9-15 | Week 3 – July 7-13
Week 4 – July 14-20 | Week 5 – July 21-27 | Week 6 – July 28-Aug 3

The 2019 Montreat Youth Conference will equip and empower youth to make tangible changes within themselves and the greater community by hearing their peers voices and using their own. We invite youth to be their authentic selves, to form deep, spiritual, and intentional relationships with God, themselves, and others, in order to grant assurance of wholeness. We will provide an affirming atmosphere to embrace the unknown and ask questions that lead to exploration as a means of faith development.

Montreat Youth Conference (MYC) is designed for high school students, entering freshmen through graduated seniors, and for their group leaders. We offer six conference weeks each summer. There are four main parts of every day at MYC:

  • Keynote – The keynote session gathers everyone together for movement and group building (fondly known as energizers), announcements, music, and keynote. Keynote is a 45 minute-ish presentation engaging conferees in that day’s scriptural theme. After keynote, conferees head to small group sessions.
  • Small Groups – Small groups allow youth to form relationships with others in order to have honest discussions with each other about questions raised during keynote and worship. Small group sessions are led by trained small group leaders, who guide conversation and lead group building activities.
  • Worship – After dinner, everyone gathers for worship. In worship, youth engage the Word of God as they seek to understand and respond to the challenges and triumphs of being a high schooler in the twenty-first century. Youth Conference worship is joyful, reflective, and seeks to glorify God using many creative gifts of the participants.
  • Recreation – Recreation events are featured throughout the day and include everything from dance, games, and group building activities to snow cone parties, international crafts, and service. Energizers are a much beloved Montreat tradition, pairing popular music and simple movements everyone can enjoy.

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Rates & Registration

Conference Rates

Rates below are PER PERSON and include only the conference fee (starting at $265). Room, meals, and community services fee* are not included in this rate.

  • On or before December 1st: $265
  • Between December 2nd and January 20th: $270
  • Between January 21st and February 20th: $280
  • Between February 21st and March 20th: $290
  • Between March 21st and April 20th: $300
  • After April 20th: $310

Note: Although we require at least one fully registered adult in your group, we recommend one registered adult chaperone for every six youth that attend the conference.

*Please note: An additional $5 per person community services fee will be added to your reservation. This fee covers public services provided by the Town and the fire district.

Registration Information

Group leaders must register their youth groups as a block using the 2019 Youth Conference Registration Packet for GROUPS.  If you have already registered and need to make an addition or cancellation to your reservation, please complete and return the Additions/Cancellations Form.

Individuals NOT coming with a group may register using the 2019 Youth Conference Registration Packet for INDIVIDUALS for weeks I and VI ONLY.

Each conference is limited. All registrations will be processed in the order received. There will be no registrations by phone. See the registration packet for refund policy.

Refund Policy

60-Day Deadlines For Cancellations

Youth I: April 2 | Youth II: April 9 | Youth III: May 7 | Youth IV: May 14 | Youth V: May 21 | Youth VI: May 28

Canceling Conference Registrations

You will forfeit $50 per person if you cancel a conference registration before the 60-day deadline. After the 60-day deadline, no refunds will be issued. All cancellation requests must be submitted using the Additions/Cancellations form via email to hopeb@montreat.org or fax to 828. 669.5054.

Canceling Housing

  • If you are staying in Assembly Inn, Winsborough, or Glen Rock Inn, you will forfeit an additional $50 per person if you cancel before the 60-day deadline (above). After the 60-day deadline, no refunds will be issued and any unused rooms will be charged the single rate for six nights. All housing cancellation requests must be submitted using the Additions/Cancellations form via email to hopeb@montreat.org or fax to 828.669.5054.
  • If you are staying in Anderson, Howerton, or McGregor, please email Montreat College at summerhousing@montreat.edu.
  • If you are staying in private housing, please see your housing confirmation for specific information on cancellations.
Contact the Registrar

Questions about conference registration? Contact the youth conference registrar at hopeb@montreat.org or call 828.419.9828.

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