MYC Guidebook

Are you ready to learn more about Montreat Youth Conference? On this page you will find answers to common questions, deeper explanations of conference activities and terms, and everything else we think is helpful know about this conference! From gathering your group, to the registration process, to what to do when you get here - you can find the answers here. For those ready to charge ahead, we've grouped these sections (generally) by what part of the process you need the information.

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Registration Process

Conference Registration

Conference registration is required for all participants of the Montreat Youth Conference including:

  • Youth (rising high school freshman through graduated high school seniors)
  • College students (participating in MYC Alums)
  • Adult leaders over 21 years of age (at least one full participating adult per group is required.)
  • Any additional adults who wish to participate in Small Groups.

Information specific to the conference cost and registration process of the youth conference can be found on the MYC event page under the "Conference & Housing Rates" tab. You may register at

Registrations made before April 15 require a $100 per person deposit paid to the conference registrar within 10 days. Registrations made after April 15 require the total conference fee balance to be paid in full within 10 days.

Scholarship Information

We think Youth Conference is an important and formative part of a young person's faith journey and understand that it's not something affordable to everyone. As such, we have a limited number of scholarships available for this conference. More information about scholarships can be found here on the scholarship page.

Housing Information

Where are you going to stay while you are here? This is an important question to ponder as you prepare for your visit. There are a number of housing facilities available, each offering different amenities at various price points. Below, we have done our best to summarize each type of facility so that you can find the one which best suits your needs.

Conference Center Housing

Conference Center Housing is limited and available on a first come, first serve basis. Conference Center Housing consists of both Hotel-style and Lodge-style accommodations.

Hotel-style options feature private guest rooms and private or "Jack-and-Jill" style bathrooms at Assembly Inn and Winsborough Inn. Rooms are priced per room and single, double, and triple occupancy rooms are available. Meals are provided in the Galax Dining Room of Assembly Inn. This is our most requested package.

Lodge-style housing features shared baths and rooms, and is ideal for larger groups. These housing options include Reynolds Lodge, Hickory Lodge, and the Glen Rock Inn and Apartments*. Each lodge includes a fully-equipped kitchen for you to prepare your own meals. Additionally, guests staying in these lodges have the option to use the on-site kitchen or purchase meals from the Galax Dining Room.

* Guests staying in the Glen Rock Inn and Apartment are only able to use the kitchen if you have reserved the entire facility.

For a more detailed look at Conference Center housing amenities, please visit our accommodations page.

College Housing

During the summer months, Montreat College makes their student housing available for Conference Center guests. Please refer to the MYC event page for availability dates and cost. Available facilities include Anderson and McGregor dorms. These are dorm-style accommodations featuring single, double, and triple occupancy rooms with private or shared baths depending on the dorm. Meals are provide for guests staying in Montreat College housing in the Howerton Hall dining room.

Other Commercial Housing

William Black Lodge is a hotel-style inn with a combination of private and shared bath options. William Black Lodge cooperates and coordinates with Montreat Conference Center food service for youth conferences. Youth groups staying at the lodge have the option to either contract all their meals through Montreat Conference Center's Galax Dining Room or use the William Black Lodge kitchen facility at a $100/day charge. If multiple groups would like to use the lodge's kitchen facilities, William Black Lodge staff will help facilitate coordination between youth leaders. Please visit to learn more.

The South Carolina Inn at Montreat features a combination of single and double occupancy guest rooms with shared baths, full guest kitchen and outdoor grilling patio, in addition to eight efficiency apartments, 2 are ADA compatible, 2 with full kitchens, the rest with kitchenettes and 4 with private balconies. Breakfast is available upon request for a minimum number of guests. Learn more at

Georgia Lodge offers individual rooms for rent during the summer. The whole house is also available upon request. Rooms feature connecting, shared baths. Guests will be responsible for preparing their own meals in the shared kitchen and living space.

Private Housing

A number of privately owned homes located within Montreat city limits are available for rent. All rental agreements are made directly with the homeowner or rental agency. You will be fully responsible for all meals if you stay in private housing.

For more information on private housing options, please contact Meggie Anderson by email at or phone at 828.419.9809 to reference our private housing list or contact a local rental agency.


All changes to conference center registrations must be submitted selecting Additions/Cancellations on the Youth Conference Registration Form.

Cancellation of a conference registration before the 60-day deadline will forfeit a portion of their refund per person. For those staying in private housing, $50 will be forfeit. For those staying in conference center or college housing, $100 will be forfeit. After the 60-day deadline, no refunds will be issued.

Registering "Extra" Adults

We require at least one fully registered adult per group and recommend one registered adult chaperone for every six youth that attend the conference. We encourage all adult advisors to register as full participants and take part in Small Groups, Keynote, Recreation, and Worship to provide a more complete, fulfilling conference experience. However, in order to accommodate needs of groups who bring extra adults to function as cooks, drivers, etc., wristbands will be available for purchase on-site at registration or in the conference office during the week. Please bring cash, credit card (VISA, MasterCard, or Discover), or separate check (payable to Montreat Conference Center) to cover the full cost. Costs for additional adult wristbands can be found on the MYC event page under the "Conference & Housing Rates" tab.

Clubs & Childcare

Are you bringing children who are too young to participate in Youth Conference? You can enroll them in our summer day camp (Clubs) or childcare program. The Clubs program (age four to senior high) is a recreation and fellowship experience which groups children and youth according to age and school level, and events are planned with each group's age and interests in mind. Our childcare facility (six months through age three) offers care during the day, as well as evening childcare for the children of conference participants (six months through completed second grade). Information on registration can be found at



Youth Conferences are designed for high school students, entering freshmen through graduated seniors.

Jeremiah Project

The Jeremiah Project is for young people who have an interest in worship leadership and want to explore God's call on their lives. Anyone who has participated in a Montreat Youth Conference before may volunteer to be part of a special group that prepares for worship leadership, participates in keynote, and discusses vocation. Times and meeting places to rehearse will be publicized through Announcements and on the app while you are here. Please refer to stage dress code for participation requirements.

MYC Alums

College students can participate as an MYC Alum (formerly known as Work Crew). MYC Alums help the conference planning team during the week and work behind the scenes to get a close-up look at what is involved in running a Youth Conference. More information is in your Back Home Packet. No previous youth conference experience or application is necessary; just make sure that they are registered as a part of your church group.

Back Home Leader (BHL)

Back Home Leaders are the adults who register and bring their youth to conferences. They provide guidance and leadership for their youth group and help facilitate conversations and questions that may arise. We recommend at least 1 adult for every 7 youth participants. These Back Home Leaders will participate in Small Group time.

Montreat’s Juvenile Protection Policy requires youth and adults to meet in groups. We have a two-adult rule, and an adult is never to be alone in a room full of youth. When adults attend small groups, they help uphold Montreat’s Juvenile Protection Policy, ensure that activities run smoothly in groups, and provide extra support in case of an emergency.

Planning Team

Did you enjoy your experience at Youth Conference? You can help plan one! The planning team is made up of adults and youth excited to bring another great year of conferences to youth and their leaders. Learn more about the planning process and get involved!

Small Group Leaders (SGL)

Small Group Leaders provide critical guidance for the conference by leading a small group of approximately 15 people in discussing topics relevant to the conference theme. Applicants must be 21 or older. All Small Group Leaders must be members of congregations that are members of the World Communion of Reformed Churches (for a listing of member churches, visit Learn more about Small Group leading and get involved!



There are so many things happening during a youth conference week that the only way to describe it is to show you. Every year is different, but a sample of a previous year's weekly schedule is available. All schedules are subject to change.

Keynote & Worship

Worship and Keynote engage youth in the theme and challenge all in attendance to faith exploration and growth. Using scripture, Reformed theology, and song, youth are affirmed and united as children of God. During Keynote, everyone gathers for group building, announcements, and song. During Worship, youth hear the Word of God proclaimed in word, song, and action.


We engage youth physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in events that build up the Christian community while having fun! We believe that people who can play together can pray together; people who can sing together can talk together; and people who can dance together can walk together.

Small Groups

Small Group is a place where youth can share their journey of faith with peers through respectful conversations. Small Group sessions are led by trained adult leaders, supported by Back Home Leaders, who facilitate honest discussions about the themes presented in Keynote and Worship. It is an important time where youth can dive deeper into the conference theme, while forming bonds and making dear friends with youth outside of their congregation.

Participants are assigned to small groups so that there are ordinarily no two individuals from each Back Home Group in the same small group. We ask that you trust the process of small group placement - it works! Year after year, strangers on Monday morning have become life-long friends by week's end.

Special Activities

Leader Lounge for Back Home Leaders

We are grateful to you for the work that you do with the youth. The Leader Lounge is a space for group leaders to share a hot cup of coffee or tea, snacks, and some good fellowship together. Leader Lounge location information will be communicated at check in or by consulting the Yapp app.

Variety Show for Youth

Youth will have a chance to share their gifts and talents with the conference. Acts in dance, music, poetry, comedy, and more will be welcomed. Groups may want to prepare an act in advance. All acts will be reviewed on site for compatibility with the Variety Show covenant, and we will only be able to include a certain number of acts. Please turn in lyrics along with your covenants at sign up! Download the Variety Show Requirements here.

Free Afternoon

Wednesday afternoon is a free afternoon for everyone! No conference activities are planned from noon to the evening worship. Use this time for rest, or for exploration of the area surrounding Montreat. Please limit your explorations to this time only. Leaving before Wednesday morning small group and/or returning after the worship service will prevent your group from participating in a full morning and evening of conference activities, which are integral to the conference.

Montreat Mission Experience

Each summer, Asheville Youth Mission (AYM) partners with Montreat Conference Center to provide mission programming options for groups attending Youth Conference. These options include a day-long program on Sunday or a Wednesday afternoon mission project. For more information about AYM, visit

Specific registration information about the mission experience with Asheville Youth Mission is available upon registering for the conference. You must register more than 60 days before your expected service date. Your mission experience registration will not be processed after the 60 day deadline unless express permission from AYM is given to you.

Boats & Pool

Montreat offers paddle boating and canoeing on Lake Susan, as well as swimming at the Montreat pool located adjacent to the Dunn Pavilion. Hours vary, and your wristband gives you access to these recreational options free of cost. More information can be found on the Summer in Montreat webpage.

12-Step Program

Black Mountain Methodist Church, located at 101 Church Street, Black Mountain, NC 28711, hosts two AA meetings each week in their Fellowship Hall: Mondays at 7:00 pm and Thursdays at 7:00 pm.

Montreat Wilderness

Interested in learning more about Montreat's wilderness, including information on hiking one of our more than 20 trails? Read more about our wilderness and download a map.


We celebrate communion each week of our Youth Conferences utilizing gluten free elements. Details of ingredients are listed on the Yapp app. During some weeks, planning teams will invite youth elders and deacons to help serve.

Montreat Language


Youth Conference planning team members who assist in managing all activities INSIDE Anderson Auditorium.


Youth Conference planning team members who assist in managing all activities that happen OUTSIDE Anderson Auditorium.


Energizers are a staple of Montreat activities. Dance, move your body, and shout together. Energizers are designed to get your body and your heart moving and ready.

The Aud

Anderson Auditorium, also referred to as just “Anderson”, is the auditorium where keynote and worship is held. It is located at 302 Lookout Rd.


Convocation Hall is a large meeting room located on the south end of the first floor of Assembly Inn.


The Bill Wilde Youth Center, located by Robert Lake Park. Affectionately referred to as the B-Dub, it houses board games, table pool, ping pong, and is the place to make reservations for the tennis courts.

The Huck

Officially called the Huckleberry, "the Huck" is located in the Moore Center and is a great place to get coffee, ice cream, or a snack.

AV Crew

AV Crew, also known as production crew, is comprised of college-aged staff who manage all audio visual needs for summer conferences.

Aud Crew

Aud Crew, also known as facilities crew, is comprised of college-aged staff who manage set ups and general cleaning during the summer for buildings like Anderson Auditorium.

Alpha, Theta, and Omega

These terms are used to describe MYC weeks with identical leadership: Alpha refers to weeks 1 and 2; Theta refers to week 3 and 4; Omega refers to weeks 5 and 6.


Juvenile Protection Policy

All leaders receive training in Montreat's Juvenile Protection Policy and Harassment Policy. More information about our policies can be found on our Rules and Regulations page.

Dress Code

As we build a Christian community based on mutual trust and respect, Montreat Conference Center seeks to respect the choices of individuals in expressing themselves while setting norms to establish an atmosphere conducive to faith development and personal growth. Download and give the packing list and dress code handout to each participant to help them prepare for their trip.

Montreat's Identity

Any individual or group wishing to use the trademark/copyrighted name of "Montreat" or the Montreat logo or gate icon on any t-shirts or clothing items needs to request approval from Montreat Conference Center. Please email artwork to Tanner Pickett, Vice President for Communications, at Montreat Youth Conference t-shirts and other Montreat products are available for sale and may be ordered from the Montreat Store 828.669.5298.


Curfew for all youth conference participants begins at 10:00 pm (10:30 pm on Friday nights). Curfews are enforced by Covenant Patrol which consists of the Community life Coordinator and several other volunteers.


By participating in a conference, you acknowledge that photos or videos of you may be taken for use in conference and general Conference Center promotions.

Conference Center Rules

For a complete list of Montreat Conference Centers rules, please visit

Before You Arrive

Pre-Conference Group Meeting

It is important to start working with your group about the MYC experience. They will likely be challenged in many ways.

We have prepared a 90 minute Pre-Conference Session for you to use with your group to help your youth and adult leaders prepare for Montreat. Click here to download the session. We offer this session to:

  • Help participants become better acquainted with others in the group.
  • Establish a group covenant
  • Acquaint participants with the goals of the conference
  • Finalize any details about the trip

Commissioning Service

In response to requests, we've developed brief liturgy for a short commissioning service for young people and adult leaders who are headed to Montreat Youth Conferences. Download the commissioning service document.


MyMontreat is an online system we use to gather necessary information for individuals in your group. You will send a link to each participant in your group to fill out. MyMontreat will produce a signed Group Covenant and a Participant Locator Form which you will bring with you for group check-in. More instructions will be sent to the group leader closer to the time of the conference.

Conference Covenant

All Youth Conference participants and their parents must sign a covenant as an acknowledgement of their understanding of the rules, regulations, and Covenant Life expectations while attending the conference. The Conference Covenant will be available to you on March 1 via MyMontreat. Any covenant without the conference year on it will not be accepted at registration.

Participant Locator Form

All Youth Conference participants and their parents must sign a covenant as an acknowledgement of their understanding of the rules, regulations, and Covenant Life expectations while attending the conference. The Conference Covenant will be available to you on March 1 via MyMontreat. Any covenant without the conference year on it will not be accepted at registration


Marketing Resources

We've produced some printable marketing materials for your use in educating and exciting your group about Montreat Youth Conference.
Go to marketing resources folder.

Historical Conference Resources

Are you looking for past theme resources or want to know what to expect from a Youth Conference? We do our best to collect the songs, liturgy, recreational resources, photos, and more. Resources are separated by year and by week of the conference. Alpha is weeks 1 and 2, Theta is weeks 3 and 4, and Omega is weeks 5 and 6.
Go to historical resources folder.

Back Home Leader Packet

The Back Home Leader Packet contains resources and necessary information to help your youth conference experience be a success. The packet is emailed to you before your arrival. Information might change from time to time, so it's important that you read the information provided in its entirety regardless of your experience as a Back Home Leader. Please remember that there are important items that need to be completed before you arrive in Montreat, so please take extra note of dates and deadlines.

Youth Leader Resources

Looking for ideas and support? These are great resources!

You've Arrived!


Conference check-in takes place in Upper Anderson located at 301 Lookout Road, Montreat, NC 28757 on Sundays from 3-7pm. Check-in requires one adult group leader. Please do not bring the rest of your group to check-in. Bring the following:

  • Covenant signature page
  • Participant locator form
  • A check or credit card to pay any remaining balance or to purchase additional wristbands

Back Home Leader Meeting

This first-night orientation meeting provides information and guidelines and will address specific questions regarding the conference. The meeting takes place the Sunday of your arrival. Be sure to check your Back Home Packet for the location and time.

Yapp App

Communication about daily schedules, changes, and helpful information will be communicated through
the Yapp app. Yapp is a downloadable phone application. The code for the MYC Yapp will be provided at check-in.

Map of Montreat

A map of the Conference Center grounds and surrounding Montreat community is
available for download.

First Aid

Montreat has a summer first aid station located in Allen Building (street level, immediately behind Anderson Auditorium). Hours will be listed in the
Yapp app.

Conference Leadership

Stage Leaders

Each conference has a keynote leader, worship leader, musicians, and recreation leadership. Our stage leaders are recruited by the Co-Directors of each Planning Team under the supervision of Montreat staff members. The stage leaders work alongside members of the Planning Team and Montreat staff to ensure that faithful and engaging themes are shared within the frameworks of scripture and the Reformed tradition.

Adjunct Staff

Our Adjunct Staff are Montreat employees who head up and support each Planning Team to help bring the vision of the Conference theme to life. From Variety Show details to extra candles for Friday's candlelight ceremony, they are incredible resources of conference-related information. You will meet them at the Back Home Leader meeting, and you can usually find them during Keynote and Worship in the back of Anderson Auditorium on the side closest to Lake Susan.

Planning Team

We could not present a Montreat Youth Conference without our Planning Teams. There are three distinct Planning Teams of 10 people for each pair of youth conferences – Alpha, Theta, and Omega. Each team is comprised of both Adults and Youth, and they are assembled about two years in advance of the conference. They work faithfully on theme development, presentation, and conference activities. Would you like to apply to serve on a Planning Team?
Click here for more information.


Our Co-Directors head up the Planning Teams and divide the responsibilities of all Conference planning in advance and the activities onsite. If you have a question regarding Worship or Keynote, you would talk to the Innie Co-Director. If you have questions related to Small Group or Recreation, the Outie Co-Director is your contact.

Conference Pastor

In addition to all the clergy involved in planning and stage leadership, each conference has a dedicated Conference Pastor to serve as pastor to the Planning Team, Leadership, Support Staff, and Small Group Leaders as well as the Back Home Leaders and their youth. They can be found during conferences offering devotionals to Small Group Leaders, meeting Back Home Leaders in the Leader's Lounge, or chatting with youth who are processing something difficult that came up in Small Group. Their contact information is listed around campus as well as on the Yapp app.

Community Life Coordinator

Each conference has a Community Life Coordinator (CLC) who assists with traffic management, Covenant Patrol, and other community life issues that may arise. Their contact information is listed around campus as well as on the Yapp app.

AV/Aud Crew

These are Montreat Conference Center summer staff who support conferences with set-up, arrangements, and audio/visual support.