If you have found yourself here, then you are someone who has agreed to take part in creating transformative experiences for many youth. Back Home Leaders are the people who get the youth here, ensure that they are taken care of, and serve as connection to their local church. We gratefully acknowledge the time, energy, money, and effort it requires to be away from family, jobs, and commitments back home to come for a week of fun and exhausting youth ministry! For all of that, we thank you!

The goal of this page is to provide you with resources and the necessary information to help your Middle School conference experience be a success. Information might change from time to time, so it's important that you read this entire page regardless of your experience as a Back Home Leader.

Before You Arrive | Once You're Here
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Before You Arrive

Our Expectations of You

The planning team and Montreat staff expects that you will help with the community life of the conference in your role as Back Home Leader. In addition to overseeing the activities of the young people in your Back Home Group, we would like for you to help with instances of inappropriate behavior that you may observe. Here are some other reminders:

  1. To ensure full participation in the conference, please encourage your group to get plenty of rest in the evenings.
  2. Help us to discourage walking on, standing on, or climbing over the chairs in the Clayton Center. Please help us create a welcoming space for all by supervising youth as they enter the auditorium.
  3. You should know where your youth are. Please supervise them at each conference activity.
  4. We expect ALL adults to attend small Small Group. Small Group Leaders need your help and commitment.
  5. God, not the performance of an individual, is the focus of our worship. You might like to discuss with your group appropriate and considerate responses to worship as the Spirit moves. Let us always keep in mind that responses are to be directed to God.
  6. Each evening following curfew, you will have time to gather together with the people who came to the conference with you. This is a time to reflect on the conference and to plan for upcoming activities. We encourage you to use this time to strengthen your group and enable your week at the conference to affect your coming year. The back home devotional guide will be posted on the Middle School Conference Resources. It may be used during the evening time following curfew, or at other times that work for your group.

Once You're Here

Conference Registration/Check-In
  • When: Wednesday, 3:00–6:00 pm
  • Where: Clayton Center for the Arts, Maryville College
  • Who: Only one adult is needed to complete registration; youth are asked not to come through registration space

Items to Bring to Registration/Check-In:

  • Covenant Signature Page: One copy of the Covenant Signature page. More information will be in your Back Home Packet.
  • Participant Locator Forms: One copy of the printed form. More information will be in your Back Home Packet.
  • Money: Bring money for any outstanding balance (if any)
Back Home Leader Meeting
  • When: Wednesday (immediately following the opening program)
  • Who: One Back Home Leader from each group, to meet with Co-Directors & Conference Staff
  • What: This first-night orientation contains vital information and guidelines and will address specific questions regarding the conference.

Just For You

We are grateful to you for the work that you do with the youth. Check out other helpful resources below. We hope they help.

Meet the Team

Hope Barker

Youth Conference Registrar

828.419. 9828  |  Email

Susie Burns

Director of Church Relations

828.419.9814  |  Email