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Fall Into Montreat

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Montreat Conference Center has been buzzing with life since the start of summer, and we don’t plan to slow down as we enter fall. Montreat Youth Conferences have come to a close, and now begins the season of private retreats and adult conferences. Churches, interest groups, non-profits, corporations, and family reunions from across the nation will gather at Montreat Conference Center for their very own, customized Montreat experience.

It is no wonder why we host so many groups from September to November: fall in Montreat is truly remarkable. As you can imagine, fall and spring weekends are usually our busiest times. Having multiple dates to consider for your retreat is best. Very few options still exist for fall 2015, and soon it will be time to book fall 2016. I can help you book a retreat up to one year ahead of your arrival date, so start planning now!

I’ll be honest with you. If you want to know what I think, the winter months are highly underrated at Montreat. The quiet stillness is a favorite of mine, actually. Rates are reflected in the slower season too, for all of you bargain hunters. Don’t be afraid of the cold – how else can you enjoy a roaring fire in the grand lobby at Assembly Inn?! Regardless of the season, retreats can be very powerful for all kinds of groups.

Why Retreat?

Meaningful experiences can happen in a retreat setting that may not occur in the office or at a typical meeting. Taking a group on retreat together creates trust, open communication, and allows your group to bond while your people eat together, stay in close quarters, and enjoy fellowship together. This team building experience fosters a safe place for team members to speak their minds, discuss important matters, and support one another. At a retreat, people are far more relaxed with few distractions and no other meetings to rush off to!

Why Retreat at Montreat?

The vast array of housing and meeting space options to you and your group makes Montreat Conference Center a preferred retreat location. From hotel comfort to tent camping to mountain get-away lodges, Montreat offers flexible housing choices. You can cook together in your weekend lodge kitchen or let us cook for you in the gracious Galax dining room overlooking Lake Susan. Meeting spaces can be set for a variety of uses from standard business or board meetings, to worship, dancing, yoga, art class, and more.

The first steps to your Montreat retreat success is to contact me, and I’ll be happy to help you discern your housing and meeting space needs for your group and find the most appropriate retreat package for you including exciting referrals for outside activities.

So you’re coming? Great! Here is what to do next:

Visit our Plan Your Retreat page for a wealth of information, and complete an Event Request Form to get your thoughts and plans in one place. Let’s start planning right away!

Alli Gribben
Group Sales Coordinator