Montreat Conference Center Logos through the Years

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A logo is an important piece of any institution. It’s a visual marker to let people know who you are. As we launch our latest version of the Montreat Conference Center logo, let’s take a look at the changes to our visual identity through the ages. See if you can spot all the changes in fonts, mountains, shapes, and colors!

The 1960s & 1970s


The 1980s


The 1990s


The 2000s

The 2010s


2018 (Present)

You might have noticed lately that the teardrop with the mountains and trees has disappeared. That’s because we’ve been keeping the new design a secret, but we’re ready to let it out! We’ve kept the mountains and the teardrop shape we all have come to associate with Montreat, and we’ve given it a modern twist. Joseph, our graphic designer, says “I think that this new logo distills and simplifies all that we do here in Montreat. I’m really excited about the direction of our conferencing and ministry, and I wanted our logo to visually represent where we are going as well as where we’ve been.”