On the Importance of Prudence and Caution

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We have enjoyed a remarkably good and healthy run this summer at Montreat Conference Center.

On Tuesday, however, one of our participants at youth conference began experiencing symptoms, was immediately isolated, and later tested positive for COVID-19. Yesterday, a second positive was discovered in a different group, and again, appropriate precautions were taken. This morning, we received the news that four more youth from that same group had tested positive. This particular group has left Montreat and is returning home today.

For the remainder of this week’s conference schedule, activities have been adjusted to reflect even greater caution. One of the steps that we feel is prudent is the cancellation of tonight’s square dance.

The conference participants who tested positive have gone home for further care. It’s worth pointing out that the individual representing our first case, identified Tuesday, had been vaccinated, as had his entire group. The individual had also received a negative test result on the weekend before coming to Montreat. In other words, this church group had done everything they were reasonably expected to do. The second group as well had taken enormous precautions.

Thank goodness these individuals and groups acted immediately when symptoms arose, serving as a reminder that continued vigilance is warranted by all of us. Our decision to cancel the square dance this evening may be an overreaction – I certainly hope so. For now, however, prudence and caution are the watchwords to live by, and we will continue to encourage that you mask and social distance when you are indoors on our campus.

We intend to resume normal programming with worship on Sunday. Thanks so much!

Richard DuBose

Richard DuBose
Montreat Conference Center