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Thank You for Your Support of the Montreat Fund

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As you heard last week in this space, Montreat’s fiscal year ended on April 30. While the final mail is still being opened and every dollar counted, today we give thanks for the record number of donors who propelled the Montreat Fund to an early total of over one million dollars for the second year in a row, and just the second time in history! This is a monumental show of support, and allows the mission and ministry of this special place to adapt to the changing needs of the church and of all those who call this place sacred ground. Of note, these donors included:

  • 35 states
  • 162 churches
  • 158 first-time donors
  • More than 400 donors who increased their giving from last year!

Also this year, generous giving to our endowment and other restricted purposes allowed for specific programs to continue in engaging and creative ways, for our buildings and wilderness and parks to be maintained throughout the year, and for our financial foundation to be enhanced through a robust and growing endowment. This generosity includes many churches and individuals who donated their clubs fees and conferences registrations when those programs could not be held or were changed to remote offerings, thus providing a critical source of support through this difficult year.

Thank you to all of those who made gifts of resources, time, leadership, and prayers. If you missed last year, or just want to start early on next year, you can visit to find out more about ways to make a gift. Again, thank you!

Richard DuBose

Richard DuBose
Montreat Conference Center